Modbus LoRa

Modbus-LoRa Gateway, Bridge and Repeater – All Integrated in one Product.
It converts the wired modbus-RS485 to LoRa™ wireless.
The product can be field configured as Gateway or Bridge or Repeater. Gateway will be connected to Modbus Master device. Bridge will be connected to Modbus slave devices. Repeater can be used to increase the wireless distance between the gateway and bridge.



  • Long Range, upto 4km line of sight between gateway & bridge and more by adding repeaters
  • AES encrypted secure wireless communication
  • Private LoRa™ network
  • Easy Configuration and deployment
  • Industrial standard DIN rail housing
  • Upto 255 number of modbus slave devices in one gateway


  • Wireless Energy Metering
  • Wireless Remote Input/Output Modules
  • Building Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Retrofits