LoRa Sensor

Wall mount indoor temperature sensor with LoRa™ wireless communication. D-cell battery powered sensor will operate for many years based on polling frequency. It has external power input option also. Sensors will be communicated to central gateway directly or via repeaters. The gateway will provide modbus output for temperature values and other parameters.


  • Long Range, upto 4km line of sight or 300m indoor between gateway and temperature sensor and more by adding repeaters
  • Long battery life
  • AES encrypted secure wireless communication
  • Private LoRa™ network
  • Easy Configuration and deployment
  • Wall Mount Enclosure
  • Upto 255 sensors in one gateway
  • Modbus-rs485 output


  • Building Management
  • HVAC
  • Warehouse / Storage
  • Data Centers / Server Rooms
  • Industrial Automation