LoRa Lighting Control

The lighting controller module has built in 4 channel relay outputs for controlling 4 individual circuits and has 4 volt free contact digital input for monitoring the status of circuits. The lighting controller features inbuilt real time clock with battery backup. Thus the controller function independently, even in the case of communication failure or gateway device failure or management application failure. 4 channel can be programmed to control on different timings. The lighting controller communicates to the central master gateway via LoRa™ wireless network. Master gateway can be then integrated to central management software like Tridium Niagara or other software that supports modbus


  • Long Range, upto 4km line of sight between gateway and lighting controller and more by adding repeaters
  • Individual controller and individual circuit control management capability
  • Autonomous operation based on predefined schedule and inbuilt RTC
  • AES encrypted secure wireless communication
  • Easy Configuration and deployment
  • Industrial standard DIN rail housing
  • Upto 255 number of lighting controllers in one gateway


  • Wireless Street Lighting Control
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Control
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Building Automation and Industrial Automation