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Modbus LoRa

Our Modbus to LoRa converters converts the wired modbus-rs485 to wireless modbus. The converters are field selectable as Gateway, Bridge or Repeaters and easy to configure. This is widely used in Building Automation and Industrial Automation sector. It is a demanding in product in retrofit market

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LoRa I/O Module

Our LoRa based Input/Output modules are demanding in product in Building Automation and Industrial Automation sector. It suitable for retrofit application and remote monitoring. The I/O module has digital inputs, analog inputs, digital outputs and analog output.

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LoRa Sensor

Our LoRa based sensors are attractive due to its battery life and long communication range. Simatix temperature sensor with D Cell battery will work for many years. With a polling rate of every 15 minutes, battery will last for 5 years and with polling rate of every 1 hour, battery will last for 12 years!

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LoRa Lighting Control

Lora based lighting control system products from Simatix is suitable for building and street light control. It creates LoRa mesh network between the lighting control modules and increases the range of communication to theoretical infinity. The lighting control module has inbuilt real time clock and thus works independently.

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LoRa Gateway

LoRa Gateway are used along with Lora based lighting controller, Lora sensors and lora I/O module. It provide the interface with these device and provides output in modbus

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LoRa Repeaters

LoRa Repeaters are used along with Lora based lighting controller, Lora sensors and Lora I/O module. It increases the communication range of these devices. It is usually placed between end devices and Gateways.

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NB-IoT Sensor

NB-IoT Sensor node with various type of sensor inputs such as temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, fill level, pressure, pulse inputs, etc.

Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for the Internet of Things. It provides bidirectional communication with devices over internet. NB-IoT use network of a mobile operators, thus providing large network coverage around the globe.

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